Hack WhatsApp Account – Method 2

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#1. Go and install the WhatsApp on your android phone.

#2. Get your victim’s mobile and find the MAC address of your victims’s phone. i.e. 34:3f:4a:46:a5:34 etc.See how to find MAC Address Of Android Phone.
#3.In Android Go to Settings > About phone > Status > Wi-Fi MAC address.

In iPhone Go to Settings > General > About > Wi-Fi Address.

In Windows phone Go to Settings > About > More info > MAC address.

In BlackBerry Phone Go to Options > Device > Device and Status info > WLAN MAC.

#4. Now find your own MAC address and replace your MAC with your victims MAC Address.
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For example if your victim’s MAC address is like 34:3f:4a:46:a5:34 , then you also have to replace your MAC address with victims MAC Address.

#5. Replacement of MAC address is not possible so you have to use MacDaddy X or WifiSpoof on iphone. OR

For Android –

Install BusyBox – Download BusyBox.
Terminal Emulato – Download Emulato.

#6. Install whatsapp on your phone as you install normally and enter your victim’s phone number.As u enter the verification code the whatsapp will run.

#7. Now delete that verification message from your victim’s phone.

#8. Now you can receive your victim’s all messages not only receive you can also send messages from your phone.




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